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Thunder Medicine Lodge is a non-profit organization which was incorporated on November 13, 2009 in North Dakota. It was formed as a memorial to an Arikara man who married and lived with the Dakota Sioux Nation in Spirit Lake, North Dakota. From an early age he was a hardworking, traditional, well respected man in many communities and loved the culture very much. He lived a very long interesting life and above all, lived life as a strong family man and showed love and compassion for the people. In December 2009, he passed away and began his journey to the Spirit World leaving a legacy that resounds throughout North America.

Thunder Medicine Lodge is a group of people that dedicate themselves to carrying on the things he taught and the way he lived his life; this includes Sundance, Sweatlodge, Pow Wow, Singing, and family. We are a young organization comparatively speaking, but have been helping people and praying for a very long time. We will do our best to help when called upon and to share the things we know. The man we talk about, his name was Laidman Fox Sr. and is known in the Spirit World as "Thunder Medicine" .

Laidman Fox Jr. is the founder and Director of Thunder Medicine Lodge. He is a 50 year old Dakota Yuwipi Medicine Man whose life has been both a struggle, as well as a victory. The following is an excerpt from an interview conducted in early 2014.

Throughout my life I've traveled the country from both walks of life. As a young hitchhiker, I struggled with alcohol, my responsibilities to me, my family and my people. The other walk of life has brought me though the dark and made me able to stand with pride in front of my people and my family. I owe all of it to the Creator, my family and the red road way of life.

Today, I travel extensively throughout Canada and the United States working with numerous tribes and communities, tribal schools, colleges and universities, prisons, institutions, and treatment centers. Before the formation of Thunder Medicine Lodge, I was traveling with my family and traveled to countless communities. Now we have a crew ranging from four to ten people and travel more freely and are able to help more people. Thunder Medicine Lodge is consistently growing in volunteers across North America and are teaming together to build lodges and ceremony houses. My father instilled within me his desire to help our people live the way of life our Creator intended us to live. in balance with the world and those that we encounter on this journey of life.

... Okiya Oyasin.

Thank You for stopping by for a visit. If you need to contact JR Fox you can call at (701) 425-7632, or email him from our contact page.

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