Rebekah Jarvey, Vice-President, whose Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Psychology has been a tremendous asset to Thunder Medicine Lodge in the past five years. Her dedication and perseverance has been a guiding force into merging and consistently expanding the organization exponentially in all directions. From the beginning to chartering the organization into a non-profit 501(c)(3), Rebekah's repertoire of Native American skills and knowledge has given Thunder Medicine Lodge the leading edge of helping Native people across North America.

Some of the efforts Will Bancroft & Lauren Sue Hartman's go unnoticed to the public eye, which exemplifies the humble nature of this couple. The immense workload and responsibilities they undertake as volunteers does not go unrecognized to us here at Thunder Medicine Lodge.

Jim & Eithne Snyder's contributions are countless and touch the lives of many across North America. The work they have dedicated themselves to help improve the lives of countless people. As time goes on, strong ethics and morals are the forefront and leading values that guide the compassion this couple possess and live by.

Winona Fox, Spirit Lake Elder, is a wise and courageous woman who walks in balance and harmony with anyone she encounters. Her benevolent nature manifests and resounds through her children, grandchildren, and great children. Being Dakota Sioux instilled a strong spirit of courage, generosity, fortitude, kinship and wisdom within her. Winona exemplifies being a Dakota woman walking in balance with today's contemporary Native society and western society. The beginning of Thunder Medicine Lodge wouldn't have been possible without her boundless knowledge and guidance she so willingly gave.

Gabriel Bennett has been instrumental in the maintenance of the website and creating a newsletter for the organization. His ongoing efforts in the technology department are appreciated and we look forward to working with him.

There have been so many people that have helped us along the way; some have passed on to the Spirit World throughout the years. For all those listed above and those innumerable others that we have failed to mention, we are extremely honored and grateful for the countless hours you graciously contribute to Thunder Medicine Lodge. No matter how small the initiative, it's the greatest contributions that go to the utmost benefit of the organization. Wopila Tonka for the past work and what lies ahead of us.

Okiya Oyasin

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